Accompanying table to the Link En Fuego article:

A Field Guide To Coffee Shops Around Northwest Portland,
Particularly The Pearl District Neighborhood

Kind Of Music Played In A Coffee Shop, And What It Influences

Genre Relative Atmosphere Barista Friendliness Fitness For Work Fitness For Conversation Kind Of Food Items Served
Indie rock Typical Portland Okay, but don’t ask for anything custom in your drink Good, if bands other than The Flaming Lips are playing Possible, but watch the vocalist closely, and prepare to move outside when he/she yells Typical cafe fares: pastries, cookies, sandwiches and, occasionally, scones
80’s rock Ironic, or coffee shop owner accidentally swaps barista’s iPod with her own Wrapped in nostalgia over bad childhood. Watch for striking shirt color. Appropriate, as long as work doesn’t involve deadline that needs to be fulfilled before 4 pm Power ballad may intensify conversation about client relationship Presence of greasier foods and especially good soups
Jazz Occasional presence of modern furniture High-strung, but order larger than your usual size, because coffee may be mellower Conducive, good for bigger projects Lifestyle-related conversation only, avoid ones about code and design Too expensive for your bucks, but serves great muffins
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